Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tremolo – Black suits big guitars


Tremolo – Black suits big guitars

label: Pedigree Cuts
released: February 28th, 2011
style: indie pop rock alternative
format: 192kbps mp3

Why did writers Geoff Smith, Tim Bazell, Shawn Lee, Alex and Elliot Ireland step back into time and enter the world of the Tremolo?
Was it because Dick Dale was there in the 60’s, having a great time, and we wanted to be there too? Was it to see whether using exactly the same instruments, microphones, recording techniques and studio setups would produce the same results as it did in the 60’s? Was it a protest against the trend of preset using laptop music makers by bringing together a set of top session players? Was is because we all fancied being the heroes of a Tarantino film?
I guess it was a bit of every thing. Some of the highlights were having Pete from The Vacinnes take time out of his touring to play some bad ass drums. Doran Edwards from ‘Weird Dreams’ takes to the ‘Gretsch’ through an AC30 in Geoff’s stairwell in East London. Aaron Liddard, who’s endless list of credits include Prince, Amy Winehouse, Mark Ronson, Rose Royce blows on Tim’s track ‘Pulp Fever’ and last but not least Chris Whittingham plays the most beautiful Tremolo guitar on my ‘Raised in Fire’.

1. Black samba
2. Pulp fever
3. Spider
4. Tequilla mockingbird
5. The shadow
6. Tremolow
7. Lights turned low
8. Neon horizon
9. L'uomo del west
10. Rattlesnake creek
11. Drammatico vibratico
12. Silver sadle
13. Running through Toyko
14. Lonely highway
15. Surf guitar noir
16. Raised in fire
17. Bill's dead

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