Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kosmonaut - Utopia EP

Kosmonaut - Utopia EP

label: iD.EOLOGY
released: 9.3.2011
style: drum´n´bass dubstep electronic chillout
format: 320kbps mp3

A utopia is an ideal usually set far away in either space or time or even both. It describes a situation in which current problems and limitations have been overcome, a condition that is desirable but yet unachievable. It often comes from people who've gotten around a bit and who are blessed with the gift of vision.
Kosmonaut has been to the most distant corners of the electromusical universe and has encountered many shapes and varieties of sound. Instead of just supplying a mere travelogue, he lets all his experiences coalesce into his very own utopia on his third e.p. on iD.EOLOGY. He sketches out a sonic society in which space-age drum'n'bass, dubstep electronica, sweet and lush slow-house and subtle chillout-ambient co-exist in peace at even volumes, mix with each other, cross-fertilize and tear down the stylistic walls between them. It's a colourful world in which everything seems possible and new forms of musical expression are being created almost by the minute.
So maybe in Kosmonaut's case, the utopia isn't all that far away. In fact, listening to this e.p. one might get the feeling it has already arrived ... and you're standing right in the middle of it.

01. Atmospheric Flower
02. Sky at 7
03. These Wings
04. Flying to You
05. Youth273

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