Saturday, March 26, 2011

Alex B - Beat Tape Volume 1

Alex B - Beat Tape Volume 1

label: self-released
released: May 19, 2009
style: hiphop jazzy glitchhop electronic
format: 320kbps mp3

Boulder based producer Alex B is giving away a glimpse into his day to day life for free. When he’s not touring with a Pnuma project or Lipp Service, Alex B is in his home studio scrutinizing over drum patterns, digging for samples, and working on his production chops. What do you do when you have amassed a monstrous collection of beats? Share them!
Hip Hop Beat Tape Vol. 1 is a collection of original productions hand selected/Produced/Mixed/and Mastered by Alex. As a special addition… two tracks featuring Raashan Ahmad of Crown City Rockers will be included on the release day.

1. Beats 1 (1:42)
2. All These Shows (2:57)
3. NDD Get Down (2:22)
4. We Love U (2:48)
5. Tape it Up (1:39)
6. Pressure Cooker (3:32)
7. Elm Oak (2:14)
8. OSS (3:01)
9. Cut It Up (2:22)
10. Pail (2:47)
11. Heavy Strings (1:36)
12. You Can't See (3:50)
13. Well Well (3:42)
14. Habitual Line Stepper (1:28)
15. Pretty Good Right Now (& Harold Oneal) (3:21)
16. BONUS TRACK-Relaxin Ft Rashaan Ahmad (3:01)
17. BONUS TRACK-Runnin ft Raashan Ahmad (1:41)

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