Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nicolas Falcon - Nicolas Falcon

Nicolas Falcon - Nicolas Falcon

label: aaahh records
released: Feb 2011
style: indie lofi folk
format: 320kbps mp3

Nicolas Falcon creates rough diamonds. His blend of lo-fi pop and classic singer/songwriter material is just the thing you’d want to be able to play yourself to impress your love interest. As Nicolas grew up in Miami, but chose to relocate to Milan, we seem to become a gathering place for US-emigrants to Europe. Pinkle was the first, now Nicolas is the second one. It is up to speculation how long the US of A are able to survive such a brain drain. In the meantime we recommend to listen to our fantastic 11th release, Nicolas Falcons self titled debut album.

01 Reliable Source
02 Tall Oak Tree
03 A Thousand Times
04 Cyanide Surprise
05 I Promise
06 Greek Life
07 Don't Apologize
08 Reality to Me
09 What I Know About You

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