Saturday, March 26, 2011

Scrimshire - A Free E.P.

Scrimshire - A Free E.P.

label: self-released via bandcamp
released: 01 January 2009
style: downtempo chill beats nujazz
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,....

This is a collection of songs that were written before, during and after the making of Along Came The Devil One Night... and just never fitted any release.
Some are tracks where the files were lost and couldn't be retrieved and so I gave up on them. Either way, they are tracks I loved and wanted to share even if they didn't make it onto a full release. Scrimshire!!!

1. Sinnerman 04:36
2. Blue Sky 05:42
3. By Hook or by Crook 09:44
4. Rain in July feat. Nick Etwell 08:21

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