Sunday, March 27, 2011

Psilodump - The Night I Lost You All You All

Psilodump - The Night I Lost You All You All

label: Candy Mind Records
released: December 21, 2005
style: electronic experimental downtempo breaks
format: 192kbps mp3

One morning when he wakes up something is just wrong. A weird feeling is going up and down his spine and he doesn't really know what's up or down. Something is haunting Psilodump. He's packing his bags and sets out on a journey...
Now when he's standing here, with his bag in one hand and his Dick Tracy novel in the other, prepared to travel far, he doesn't know at all what awaits him...
And that may be good, because if he knew about all the ghouls, all the swamp eating pirates, all the golden zombies, would he then leave...?

1 bak8 feat. Paza 7:57
2 Pin 8:50
3 Feign Embrace 9:26
4 Bitten 13:01
5 Rethought7 9:52
6 Lost And 2:41
7 Aldrig Igen 3:45
8 Feign Embrace (Commuter Train Remix by Ayhan Aydin) 7:21

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