Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Limb-Bow - Places

Limb-Bow - Places

label: Fwonk*
released: September 22, 2009
style: indie pop downtempo electronic
format: 320kbps mp3

Limb-Bow, is an occassional moniker, of Ireland based Jerome McCormick. This EP was originally released as a 4 track in late 2004. The song "Grounded", was remixed by Norwegian label Digicoustic, for their compilation "Digicoustic Sounds". This exclusive Fwonk* release, contains a bonus track, which was recorded around the same era, in early 2005. All Tracks were recorded on a 16 track hard disk recorder, because at the time, Jerome was still a little bit afraid of computers.

01 Grounded
02 A Rock And A Hard Place
03 Better Place
04 Mark Of Consequence
05 Don't Be The First One To Give (Bonus Track)

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