Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nils Hoffmann - Mett EP

Nils Hoffmann - Mett EP

released: 01 December 2010
style: electronic swing jazz house
format: 320kbps mp3

Nils Hoffmann, born in 1976 in Bremen, can look back on a very turbulent musical journey already: this year, his trademark computer sounds teamed up with traditional American music from the Appalachian Mountains (together with Nathanial Damon playing Banjo and Violin), while he also produced electronic music with Benjamin Brunn and Florian Stender. The latter also contributed to “New Bad Summer”, one of the new tracks which is about the french revolution. Besides, for the Beatles anniversary he dismantled the music of the fab four during the official festivities.As musician, DJ and producer, he mixes all styles to let them float on a hearty base of beats. Meanwhile, his tracks don’t try to hide the fact that Hoffmann also works as lecturer and author of tutorial DVDs for Ableton Live. Similarly, he isn’t very successful in concealing his passion for early Jazz and Classical music which made him a regular encounter in live music clubs since his studies in Classical Music. Inspired by a New York visit in Spring 2010 and the local Jazz scene there, a number of improvised electro tracks (“Manhattan Monday”) emerged as well. And the very nature of the last two tracks of the EP (“Ohrenschützer”, “Die geilste Sau der Welt”) clearly can be explained by his 20 years of background as songwriter within rock bands and his guitar teaching activities which he is still pursuing today. Nils Hoffmanns follow-up EP on Broque fights the upcoming winter depression by providing a pillow of late summer electro swing through affectionate precision work.

01 manhatten monday
02 new bad summer
03 long island work
04 ohrenschuetzer
05 die geilste sau der welt

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