Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dub One! - Blow Dubs EP

Dub One! - Blow Dubs EP

label: iD.EOLOGY
released: 9.3.2011
style: dub reggae electronic beats remix
format: 320kbps mp3

Music comes with a lot of different qualities and can appeal to many different parts of the human physicality. Just like sex, it's at its best when it stimulates your loins as well as your brain and affects your heart as well as your soul. And oh yeah, it's the most fun when it goes deep down and dirty.
Since Dub One! has a fair bit of appreciation for the tingly and raunchy sides to both life and music, his second solo e.p. on iD.EOLOGY is all about swelling horns and powerful thrusts. After a rapturous and exciting kick-off with some wild space-funk dub, voluptuous reggae grooves take over and head down south for a low body massage covering all tricks in the book. An exotic interplay of sensual and sophisticated salsa adds just the right pinch of spice before things finally unload and explode in a furious outburst of pure bigbeat energy.
So as the lewd entertainment on this e.p. will not only stimulate your loins and brains but also affect your hearts and souls, it will in fact be just as fulfilling and satifying as good sex. Aural sex, that is.

01. Massive Dub Job (Rubber Mix)
02. Yoni Yogi Dub (Nutty Frontseat Vibration Mix)
03. Jambassa - Them never love the Flowers (Jambässa Remix by Dub One!)
04. Salsa in Dub (Six ova four Mix)
05. Soundbwoys Shot (Right in the Face Mix)

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