Tuesday, April 13, 2010

ZARDONIC - Those Who Know The Truth EP

ZARDONIC - Those Who Know The Truth EP

label: Zardonic Recordings
style: jungle, drum´n´bass
released: 5.2.2009

"You are feeling the presence of another. His name is Zardonic and he hails thunderbolts of bass and rains walls of drums upon his hapless dance floor victims. Featuring some of the strongest production samples currently in rotation and touching on the most powerful ideological arguments of all times, Zardonic demonstrates in this philosophy-infused compilation that, as a thinker, he stands alone.
This Venezuelan artist is showing how his varied background, environmental location and unique production styles are quite possibly the secret recipe for DNB perfection. These songs are well suited for any modern DNB set where only the tightest drums, epic synth work and raw emotion invoking sound scapes are needed to take the listener to where he or she needs to be. Don’t knock on the black gate, kick it down and join the twilight festivities. You have but one option, embrace the cool bass breeze and relish in the bumps on the back of your neck, as you bang your head at the sonic altar."
- Lewis Davidson, Technorganic Recordings.

1) ZARDONIC - The Myth
2) ZARDONIC - Oceanic Mysteria
4) ZARDONIC & FIZYK - Pannacakkhu
5) ZARDONIC - Another Presence
6) ZARDONIC - Pulzar
7) ZARDONIC - The Distance
8) ZARDONIC - Frozen Pathways

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