Thursday, April 1, 2010

Peripherique - Tiefseetauchen

I like Zengineers remix!!!

Peripherique - Tiefseetauchen

Label: MusicArtistry Rec.
Release Date: 29.03.2010
Style: Dub, Minimal, Downbeat
Details: zip|320kbit|mp3

Peripherique returns with a new full-length album - tiefseetauchen. as the name suggests, you might want to put on your scuba gear while listening: a deep trip through underwater gardens, caverns and wide expanses awaits. always faithful to his musical inspirations that range from dub to ambient to minimal, peripherique serves up an eclectic musical cocktail that packs enough minimal funkyness to be danceable while at the same time keeps you discovering all the tiny details that are hidden for those, who listen closely. Last but not least the Zengineers provide a laid-back remix of one of the album`s tracks as a bonus.

1 Peripherique - Sturm Im Wasserglas
2 Peripherique - Oxygen
3 Peripherique - Surface For Air
4 Peripherique - Aerofunk
5 Peripherique - Tiefseetauchen
6 Peripherique - Under Your Radar
7 Peripherique - Om Niwas
8 Peripherique - Statik (Zengineers Remix)

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