Thursday, April 8, 2010

Soul Majestic - Better World

Goood Vibrations!!

Soul Majestic - Better World

style: reggae
released: 01 July 2009

Soul Majestic’s third and highly anticipated album, released in Summer 2009, featuring 13 diverse tracks including collaborations with Sly and Robbie, Tony Moses and Trinidad’s Queen Omega, as well as production and a handful of rhythms by Million 7 Sound. A maturation of their original sound, Soul Majestic’s latest effort breaks down genre barriers allowing an explosion of creativity. Each track stands alone and the musicianship showcases Soul Majestic’s agility and varying influences from Roots to Hip Hop to R&B. With obsessive attention to detail, the production relays a classic quality while also demonstrating a modern, edgy feel that will integrate seamlessly into clubs and DJ playlists.

1. Better World 3:35
2. Rough n' Tuff (w/ Sly & Robbie) 4:28
3. Feels Good (w/ Tony Moses) 5:27
4. Next Generation 3:46
5. Tonight (feat. Queen Omega) 3:40
6. First Light 3:54
7. I Rise 4:56
8. Guidance (w/ Luv Fyah) 5:02
9. Musical Farmer 4:24
10. Blue Mountain 5:10
11. Send the Train 4:20
12. Seek the Truth 4:13
13. One Heart 5:06

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