Thursday, April 29, 2010

ArtOfficial - The Payback

ArtOfficial - The Payback

label: ArtOfficial
released: 23. 4. 2010
style: hip-hop, funk, soul

Miami hip-hop ensemble ArtOfficial have linked up with, RefinedHype, Illroots and Kevin Nottingham to drop a free project entitled The Payback.
The 12-track street album finds emcees Newsense and Logics performing over the live backing of bandmates Danny Perez, Manny Patino, Ralf Valencia and Keith Cooper, who recreate classic instrumentals by everyone from rock legend Jimi Hendrix (“Voodoo”) to jazz trio Medeski, Martin & Wood (title track “The Payback”).
Making guest appearances throughout the project are ¡Mayday!‘s Wrekonize, QuESt, K. Sparks, Swamburger from Solillaquists of Sound, LLamabeats, Jesse Jackson and Asuka Barden.

01. The Payback (ft. K. Sparks)
02. Voodoo
03. Happiness is A Warm Gun (ft. Jesse Jackson & Asuka Barden)
04. Grand Design
05. Doing Things Wrong
06. Oceanography (ft. Wrekonize from ¡Mayday!)
07. Show Me Change (ft. QuESt & Swamburger from Solillaquists of Sounds)
08. Don’t Sweat The Technique
09. Wake Me Up (ft. LLamabeats)
10. Summertime (ft. K. Sparks)
11. Me Desculpe Mas No Resisti
12. Architect (Cloud Nine)

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