Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tha Silent Partner - Starksy (Featuring Seti A.K.A. K9)

Tha Silent Partner - Starksy (Featuring Seti A.K.A. K9)

Label: BlocSonic
Released: 06 Apr 2010
Style: Hip Hop, Funk, Electronic, Soul

With this final maxBloc single for “Tha Complete Platters Sessions XE” we’ve got another stack of bonus gems for you — more unreleased tracks from the Platters sessions and a fantastic remix by Minneapolis electropunk artist Mach FoX. Check it!
When you’re done with Starksy, if you haven’t already done so, grab the other single “P Pulsar” and “Tha Complete Platters Sessions XE”.

1 Starksy (Featuring Seti A.K.A. K9) (Album Version) (3:46)
2 Tears (2:37)
3 Logan Airport, Terminal E (4:58)
4 As I Go (3:51)
5 Saga (4:41)
6 Starksy (Two Oh One Oh Remake) (Featuring Seti A.K.A. K9) (3:43)
7 Starksy (Mach FoX Underlying Message Remix) (Featuring Seti A.K.A. K9) (4:05)
8 Billy (Starksy Instrumental) (4:08)
9 Starksy (Featuring Seti A.K.A. K9) (A Capella) (4:24)

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