Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dustmotes - The Containment Sessions

Dustmotes - The Containment Sessions

Label: PublicSpaces Lab
Released: 19 Apr 2010
Style: Downtempo, Broken Beat, Electronic

“We have rarely experienced here at the Lab the build up of expectation behind a release like we felt for this one. “Beats for the Subverted” was one of the releases that reached out from our usual listening base and brought other listeners to the Lab. Right after [PS012] was released we started to get asked, by mail, in talks or on twitter when the next release from Paul Croker would see the light of day. That moment has arrived and the wait was well worth it. Dustmotes delivers with his “Containment Sessions” a release that is a few notches above “Beats for the Subverted”. When listening to it for the first time I could feel a sound that is more confident and, but I might be wrong, I think that has a lot to do with all the positive feedback Paul got from his first ever release. Nothing in “The Containment Sessions” is out of place and the same attention to details that Paul got us used to, is here. I feel privileged for being one of the few that got to enjoy this release before everyone else and it is my opinion that we all should be grateful to Paul for sharing his immense talent with us.”
Alex Mendez, Barcelona, April 18th 2010

  1. Unnecessary Rhetoric
  2. Farewell to Trends
  3. Transcending Static
  4. The Aesthetic Principle
  5. Misgiving
  6. Yoghurt
  7. Passed by
  8. Love and Compassion
  9. Entrelacquered
  10. The Great Unheard

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