Monday, April 19, 2010

DigiTube - Time to Chill

DigiTube - Time to Chill

Label: PublicSpaces Lab
Released: 18 Apr 2010
Style: Electronic, Modern Classical, Ambient, Chill

DigiTube, a.k.a. Scott Lachance, returns to the Lab and, once more, we are thrilled by having him releasing with us.
After the really well received “Soundtracks for Media, Sound Tracks for Life” [PS016], DigiTube brings us a new EP that it is a true showcase of his talent. Relaxed, well humored and with moments of true musical genius, “Time to Chill” points out the future of the genre. To listen to in a relaxed environment with a daiquiri nearby.

01 Not Hip Hoppie
02 Sweeter Things in Life
03 Organic (with Somio)
04 Abby Tempo
05 Going with the Flow
06 Jazzy Shuffle
07 Stabb and Riff
08 UP and Adam
09 The Mick Shuffle
10 Traversing

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