Saturday, April 17, 2010

Orxata Sound System - 1.0

Orxata Sound System - 1.0

released: 12 October 2007
style: drum´n´bass, dubstep, hip-hop, ragga, jazz
quality: 320 kbps

1.0 is the first album of Orxata Sound System, until now we had been able to listen to a pair of beta versions and a demo.
This is the result of more than two years of work; an album in which different influences within electronic music and valencian folk music come together; electro, dub, drum&bass, ragga, rap, jazz, folk, tecno, dance... Four voices, a bass, a trumpet and a programmer, along with valuable collaborations like the one of Carles Belda to the accordion [Pomada], Marc Sempere to the shouts [Jalea Real and iX], Marcos Úbeda with trombone [Obrint Pas] and dj Chola and dj V [Sucios Por Norma] to plates.
The new sound of valència, Post-Bacalao in pure state!

1.Mascletà 1.0 01:20
2.S'obrin les portes 04:35
3.Nai ti su 05:50
4.Aborígens 2207 04:22
5.En ma vida he fet faena 03:24
6.Exèrcit d'escèptics 04:42
7.Ofensiva Tutupà 03:43
8.Semidéus 03:38
9.Ni marques ni pamflets 04:01
10.La lluna de València 04:04
11.Filles d'un meló d'alger 04:28
12.Ja ve Cento 05:00

<a href="">Mascletà 1.0 by Orxata Sound System</a>

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