Tuesday, May 25, 2010

PreciseHero - Particle(moments)

PreciseHero - Particle(moments)

label: on Bandcamp,PreciseHero
released: 2007
style: hip-hop

PreciseHero (born Desmond C. Simmons; Aug. 25th 1982) is a Detroit, Michigan-based artist that crafts tunes wrapped in a maze of seasons, moods, haziness & memories.
Hero first came into public view with the vinyl EP, “modest signal” [2005] and later resurfaced with a debut collection of works + reworks titled, “Particle (moments)” [2007].

1.Another Day 05:49
2.Upswing Social [Katrah-Quey Mix] 02:57
3.Range 05:35
4....And Everything's Alright [DJ Brasco Mix] 02:51
5.Prefix 02:57
6.Circa Runner 03:29
7.Words For (Now You Know) 03:11
8.Prefix [Obsidian Blue Mix] 03:05
9.Color Sound 02:53
10.Forward 03:29
11....And Everything's Alright [Mr. Keyes Mix] 02:44
12.Upswing Social [Volta Masters Mix] 04:08
13.Circa Runner [tREBLEFREE Mix] 04:19

<a href="http://precisehero.bandcamp.com/album/particle-moments">Another Day by PreciseHero</a>

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