Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Leonard Dstroy & Kutty Slitz - The LennySlitz Project

Leonard Dstroy & Kutty Slitz - The LennySlitz Project

label: INnatesounds, on Bandcamp
released: 05 May 2010
style: hip-hop, progressive hip-hop

I'm pleased to announce the release of The LennySlitz Project - a 19-track banger. The album features Kutty Slitz in his INnatesounds debut. Kut is a rare talent who I'm very excited to introduce to many of you. I myself, Leonard Dstroy, executive produced the project and handled all the production. This is an INnatesounds Crew release.
The free download includes the cover art and a short bio on the project and artists involved. So go get The LennySlitz Project - and don't forget to grab Higher Vibrations if you haven't already.

Dstroy orchestrated the beats, Kutty Slitz told the story. The LennySlitz Project is their effort.

1.Intro 01:00
2.Madabotit 04:18
3.Reverse 05:38
4.Shut The... 02:07
5.Pain 04:27
6.Daddy's Little Secret 04:51
7.Harmony of Spheres Part 1 02:03
8.All I Got ft. Reggie B 03:46
9.Push 03:49
10.Middle Management 03:26
11.Identify (Goin Thru It) 03:35
12.Treadmill 03:06
13.Only U 04:26
14.Peepin 01:46
15.The Eulogy 04:07
16.AYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 03:17
17.Gettin My Slick Rick On 02:51
18.Fear 03:59
19.The Life (Fekkafriend) 05:17

<a href="">Intro by Leonard Dstroy</a>