Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Myke Forte - Zodiak: Gemini

Myke Forte - Zodiak: Gemini

label: on Bandcamp
released: 30 April 2010
style: Electronic, Hip Hop, Instrumental, Beats
quality: 320k mp3, FLAC, or any other

"Anyone for Horoscopes? The wait is over! Its been a long one man but i've managed to finish "Gemini" Been interesting, the concept is based off the two faces of this star-sign, so the beat tape has two parts to it. Some of the beats sound like something out of space oddessy, with a lack of sample presence, while the other half uses samples and sound more gritty in comparison. Anyway I hope you enjoy it! Look out for "Cancer" next at the start of May." Myke Forte

1. FaceOne (Outerspace) 00:36
2. StarzPassinBye (Wisdominate) 01:17
3. StarLights (Inquisitive) 03:45
4. RawLemon (Confused) 02:34
5. SLopFunK (Youthful) 01:47
6. CosmikSoul (Spiritual Energy) 05:12
7. StaRFizz (Changability) 01:22
8. SpaCedOUt (Geminize) 02:17
9. FaceTwo (InnerSpace) 00:31
10. SubtleTaste (Eloquential) 02:40
11. Fallin Up (Enlightened) 02:36
12. RancidCowboy (Superficial) 01:51
13. Simone (Conversations) 02:37
14. Cosmik (Tensify) 02:02
15. ThoughtMedicine (Communication) 01:39
16. Dreamscape (Intellectual) 03:30

<a href="">FaceOne (Outerspace) by Myke Forte</a>

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