Monday, May 17, 2010

Mr Loop - Music From the Tanhauser Gate

Mr Loop - Music From the Tanhauser Gate

label: Sweatbox Sounds, on Bandcamp
released: 17 May 2010
style: hip-hop, instrumentals

Mr Loops EP is here and ready to be downloaded free of charge for you lucky people. Get yourselves over to his bandcamp page and download that mother in whatever format you fancy. Featuring on this wonderment of audio delights are the talents of Dr Syntax, Ben Black, Sam Sure, Yosh and a whole host of others.

1. Entrée 01:42
2. Battleslang the Second 03:57
3. Pedigree Breed 03:38
4. Duality (Spit One) 03:52
5. Life 02:51
6. Grown Man Music 04:42
7. Night Thoughts 03:24
8. Duality (Spit Two) 03:32
9. Suburban Hustler 03:25
10. Long Way 05:16

<a href="">Entrée by Mr Loop</a>

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