Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jazzpospolita - Live Studio Recording

Jazzpospolita - Live Studio Recording

label: on Jamendo
released: July 28, 2009
style: jazz, drum´n´bass, nu-jazz, dub
quality: 192 kbps mp3 VBR
country: Poland

The band was formed by Wojtek (dr) and Stefan (b) in 2008. After a few rehearsals, concerts and contests Jazzpospolita was joined by Michal (k) and then the other Michal (g). With this line-up mostly composed of the musicians from the elite Jazz Department of Frederic Chopin Music School we recorded our second demo.
The name of the band is a play on words “Jazz” and “Res Publica” (pl – Rzeczpospolita). We are also known as the eighty-eight fingered demon, Lord of the Strings, Pres of Jazzpospolita and Metaboss. We play music which is rather difficult to describe with Myspace categories. We suggest drum’n’jazz, dumbient and polished jazz but they don’t explain what it’s all about. Anyway, despite the name and its associations with mainstream jazz we are trying to stray from pure jazz. Still we are into jazz, go to jams and transcribe all the solos of Bird and Trane. O.K., just a joke! All in all we wanna be cool, famous and liked, of course!


1 Polished Jazz 5:57
2 Tribute Aerobit 7:16
3 Patrzę Przez Ambient Oddycham Przez Dub 5:50
4 Ciągle Ktoś Mnie Pyta 5:57

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