Friday, May 7, 2010

Born One & Immortal Beats - SOul Wat!

Born One & Immortal Beats - SOul Wat!

label: on Bandcamp
released: 5. April 2010
style: hip-hop, instrumental, soul, jazz

1 MC + 1 Producer = SOul Wat!!
"SOul Wat!" is a record with "SOUL", nothing more nothing less.
Immortal Beats based out of Germany puts the meat cleaver to the
vinyl delivering immaculate chops pin pointing breaks & drops
for Born to Rock a cold one for the folks who enjoy to download
rather than buy lol...Born & Immortal almost automatically connected
over the internet to put in work which was more FUN than time
consuming and decided to just create a link for yall to click and pump to...

1.Intro (Seems So Long) 01:02
2.Then The... 03:40
3.Style Feat. DJ Sugai 03:22
4.What´s Good 04:08
5.Proxcimity Infactuation 03:05
6.Cheatin 02:23
7.I Found 04:10
8.Where You Been 04:19
9.The Golden Days Feat. Zachariah Ware 03:57
10.Goodbye 03:30
11.Your Man 03:29
12.Sign Off 03:41
13.Outro (Reminiscing) 00:45
14.It´s Time 03:57

<a href="">Intro (Seems So Long) by Born One & Immortal Beats</a>

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