Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fonogeri - Esti Mese

Fonogeri - Esti Mese

label: on Jamendo
released: May 05, 2010
style: triphop, ambient, chillout, cinematic
quality: MP3 VBR 192kbps
country: Hungary

Fonogeri´s "Esti mese" means "Bedtime story". Tracks were made between 2004 and 2006, but this short album was published in 2010.
"25 minutes of exciting melodies, delivered right from the atmosphere of city nightfalls. Mystical melodies, strange and chilled grooves are flowing out from the speakers, showing movie-like scenes, and filling the senses with deepness, strangeness and excitement."


1 Part One (Distant voices) 4:12
2 Part Two (Nightfall) 3:22
3 Part Three (Arrival at heart) 2:41
4 Part Four (On the path) 3:52
5 Part Five (Flirty lips) 3:12
6 Part Six (The incidence) 3:11
7 Part Seven (Cinematic) 2:59

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