Monday, May 24, 2010

Perry Porter - Tribute To Nujabes

Perry Porter - Tribute To Nujabes

label: on Bandcamp, Sleep Steady
released: 21 May 2010
style: hip-hop, jazz fusion, tribute

Perry Porter (Sleep Steady) does a mini tribute
to one of his fav producers... Nujabes

1.Open (scarborough) 03:10
2.Troubled ft. Stymie (If I Had A Day To Live) 03:05
3.Middle-Horn Shuffle (Horns In The Middle) 02:23
4.Just Talking (Still Talking To You) 02:12
5.Countless Stars ft. Stymie (Counting Stars) 04:06
6.HiSky ft. Stymie (Sky Is Falling) 02:41
7.The Feeling (How You Feel) 01:46

<a href="">Open (scarborough) by Sleep Steady</a>

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