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Ninja Tune - 20 Years of Remixes & Re-interpretations

Ninja Tune - 20 Years of Remixes & Re-interpretations

label: TRAX, Paris DJs
released: 2010-08-10
style: tune :) mix

Lots of stuff are happening for the celebration of the last 20 years of musical activism from the english label Ninja Tune. A huge boxset is on its way for september, with LOTS of new music. There are parties coming up everywhere, and french magazine Trax has just released a special (Ninja Tune 20 Ans...), for which I've been asked to write 3 articles. The first one is about 20 of the rarest pieces of wax released by the label. The second is a selection of 20 astonishing or stunning remixes. Here's its soundtrack, for a deeply blunted evening. The third is about the dark side of the label, with a selection of 20 psychedelic albums. There will be a soundtrack for this one too... Selected and mixed by Grant Phabao & Djouls

01. East Flatbush Project - Tried By 12 (Squarepusher Mix)
(from 'Tried by 12' single, 1998 / Ninja Tune)
02. The Herbaliser - The Missing Suitcase (DJ Craze Remix)
(from 'The Missing Suitcase' single, 1999 / Ninja Tune)
03. The Herbaliser - Something Wicked (Bossa Radio Edit)
(from 'Something Wicked' single, 2002 / Ninja Tune)
04. 2 Player - Extreme Possibilities (Wagon Christ Mix)
(from 'Extreme Possibilities single, 1995 / Ninja Tune)
05. Antipop Consortium - Lay Me Down (Grant Phabao Remix)
(Exclusive remix, 2010)
06. DJ Food - Turtle Soup (Luke Vibert Mix)
(from 'Refried Food' album, 1996 / Ninja Tune)
07. Kid Koala - Emperors Main Course In Cantonese (remix of David Byrne's theme for 'The Last Emperor)
(from 'Emperor's Main Course In Cantonese' single, 2000 / Ninja Tune)
08. DJ Vadim - Variations in USSR (DJ Krush remix)
(from 'USSR Reconstruction' album, 1998 / Ninja Tune)
09. Roots Manuva - Witness (1 Hope) (Part 2 In The Flesh Mix)
(from 'Witness' single, 2001 / Big Dada)
10. Roots Manuva - Awfully Deep (Lambeth Blues)
(from 'Awfully De/EP' single, 2005 / Big Dada)
11. Coldcut - More Beats & Pieces (I Miss You Blobula - Q-Bert Mix)
(from 'More Beats And Pieces' single, 1997 / Ninja Tune)
12. One Self - Be Your Own (Vad's Dub mix)
(from 'Be Your Own' single, 2005 / Ninja Tune)
13. Poirier - Let Them Hate feat. YT (Mungo's HiFi Remix)
(from 'Running High' bonus disc, 2010 / Ninja Tune)
14. Coldcut - More Beats & Pieces (Obsessive Behaviour Kid Koala Version)
(from 'More Beats And Pieces' single, 1997 / Ninja Tune)
15. Daedelus - Touchtone (Thavius Beck Remix)
(from 'For Withered Friends/Touchtone' single, 2008 / Ninja Tune)
16. The Cinematic Orchestra - All That You Give (Dr. Rockit Mix)
(from 'All That You Give' single, 2002 / Ninja Tune)
17. Blockhead - Sunday Séance (Loka Remix)
(from 'Sunday Séance / Jet Son' single, 2004 / Ninja Tune)
18. Coldcut - Autumn Leaves (Irresistible Force Mix)
(from 'Autumun Leaves' single, 1992 / Ninja Tune)
19. Coldcut - Atomic Moog (Cornelius Mix)
(from 'Let Us Replay' album, 1999 / Ninja Tune)
20. K-The-I - Finger Painting (Thavius Beck Remix)
(from 'Finger Painting' single, 2008 / Big Dada)

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