Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2muchachos - Pre-Spring EP

2muchachos - Pre-Spring EP

label: Parallax Sounds Records
released: 2010-02-26
style: ambient chillout
format: 320 kbps mp3

2muchachos release a special 4 track Ep called Pre-spring Ep (PS15) for FREE and is available via the Prana Series section of Parallax Sounds Records.
There comes thaw, the first snowdrops appear soon. We have accumulated new stuff, which is devoted to this. We decided to release pre-spring EP of the forthcoming album. Also it will include an acoustic version of Dreaming Girl and an early version Vremja Tepla from the album Formanta.

In addition we have prepared a special version of EP on a mini cd-r (4 tracks + bonus video) with exclusive hand-made artwork. write to e-mail:

1. thaw 5:36
2. snowdrops 4:36
3. warmtime 4:12
4. dreaming girl (acoustic) 5:08

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