Sunday, August 15, 2010

SpartacuSoul ​-​ Break the Chains Ep

SpartacuSoul ​-​ Break the Chains EP

label: Synchrovision records
released: 01 January 2008
style: house, broken beats

SpartacuSoul was born in Thrace, became a soldier, and was captured by the Romans. He was sold as a slave to be made a gladiator. With 70 comrades, he escaped, hide on Mount Vesuvius, and raised a large army of rebel slaves. With his army he defeated two Roman legions and set the clubs on fire.
Actually produced by Synchrovision records Spartacus will provide some original Broken beats fresh blend of Hip Hop,Soul ,Jazz Funk afro, Brazil using analogue keys.
Like in the ancient times

1. Dynamite 06:01
2. Sun shine in your life:Feat:Ernie Odoom 06:34
3. Keep it Togheter 05:57
4. Elevacao .feat:O gosto 05:16
5. Terralalune 04:26

<a href="">Dynamite by Synchrovision records</a>

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