Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stone People - Back To The Primal


Stone People - Back To The Primal

label: on Bandcamp
released: 01 October 2010
style: break beat

Solid breakbeat full of energy! Nice memories of old times! My Heart Is Clashin :))

Stone People are a Belarusian breakbeat group.
Before the first 100 copies of their album (distributed as self-produced CDrs) were sold, some Minsk CD vendors pirated their material. Stone People’s music has also been featured in Belarusian TV commercials and on compilation CDs with MP3 files, where they were featured alongside Crystal Method and the Chemical Brothers. An animated music video to their first hit, tgb, gained popularity on local TV, and was a limited success on the Internet.

1. Intro 03:02
2. California 03:24
3. Drgz 03:28
4. Trip Home 02:54
5. F Place In America 03:21
6. Health Protection 03:22
7. Creosonics (Shorter Mix) 03:21
8. Havin' Fun 03:48
9. CR233 01:35
10. The Heart Is Clashin 03:29

<a href="http://stonepeople.bandcamp.com/album/back-to-the-primal">Intro by Stone People</a>

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