Friday, August 20, 2010

Kutfingerz – Human Spaces

Kutfingerz – Human Spaces

label: Phonotactics
released: June 26, 2010
style: hip hop jazzy beats instrumentals

In 2009 I was introduced to Kutfingerz while sitting and drinking some beers in a hostel in Lisbon.
Were talking about music and its various strands within the hip hop culture.
It was with great interest that I discovered his music and his whole philosophy of humanism and design.
What I’m pleased to share with you all now perfectly illustrates the quality of its productions, the detail of diggin in a culture that increasingly synthesizes itself. Christophe the man behind the beats, is a man aware of the design culture and also part of a brain behind the collective FROM PARIS..check the link for more info about. I think nobody can remain indifferent to the jazzy feeling, spiced with a touch that only the French culture could dock and slice.
At last I must advise… all fans of Jay Dee or Madlib will enjoy for shure hearing this Human Spaces.

02_come back
04_love is here (Street tease)
05_create for love
06_cant sleep
07_human spaces
08_you duck we font
10_high plane
11_midnight & me
12_galactical kinomi (interlude)
13_take it!
14_EWA (evil with angels)

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