Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gahzed - We'll turn into Gold LP

Gahzed - We'll turn into Gold LP

label: iD.EOLOGY
released: 23.08.2010
style: Indietronic/PopRock
format: 320 kbit mp3, ogg

Not all that glitters is gold. But not all that is gold glitters, either. Luckily, we already learned during the 80s to see through shiny facades and fancy design and to rather judge things by their genuine and truthful nature.
As Gahzed, the two remaining survivors of the death of indietronic's showcase combo resurrect the ideal of the insecure, shy anti-hero with their first album on Monomatik mit ihrem ersten Album auf iD.EOLOGY. Skillfully, they interweave musical influences from hippiesound, independent-pop and new wave into melancholic and sentimental, catchy and stirring songs full of emotion, pain and authenticity. And if on tops, Julia Kotowski aka Entertainment for the Braindead refines some of the pieces with her ethereal and enticing voice, it becomes almost impossible not to succumb to these very special charms of the combination of electronic beats and electric guitars - not only for those who have always preferred the demo-tape to the properly styled product.
Much in the vein of the insecure, shy anti-hero the title of this l.p. represents an ideal of which only he does not know that it's long been achieved. Because to us, all this is already much more valueable than gold, even if it neither glitters nor shines. Truthfulness will always triumph.

01. Another girl
02. Biting my lip
03. Common ground
04. As she called my name
05. Pain and patience
06. Elbows and eyebrows
07. Get a second life
08. We'll turn into gold
09. Something to be waiting
10. Unright

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