Monday, August 23, 2010

dj.noizcut - perplex

dj.noizcut - perplex

label: narcorpses
released: 2010
style: electronic downtempo beats hiphop alternative
format: 320 kbit digital / cd-r album

Noizcut is coming back with almost full-length debut album called "Perplex" - a variable mixture of samples, field recordings, xylophone, synths and other sounds. It's his first music released after two and half year, and you can tell it's ceratinly less experimental than his last ep "Fliptions Abstractive" from 2008 (on GFR). In fact, Perplex is more melodic, rhytmic and listenable than anything from noizcuts' catalog, but still it keeps that weird atmosphere and moods that somehow doesn't come correct.

01. Madmen Shoppin´
02. Fly-By
03. Sleeping On A Ceiling Part 1
04. Perplex Passage
05. Wild On The Blackout Lane
06. Inspiration/Respiration
07. Take Possession
08. Susan Dreams About Reality
09. Lure
10. Illnes Of Us
11. This Guys Disguise
12. Stucked In A Loop
13. Children Of Information
14. Social Phobia
15. Sleeping On A Ceiling Part 2
16. Cloned Again
17. Ain´t No You
18. Some New Fashion
19. Dot

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  1. The noiz is back, better than ever...recommend this.