Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mochipet - 10 Reasons to Love Hate Dubstep

Mochipet - 10 Reasons to Love Hate Dubstep

label: self-release
released: 12 October 2011
style: dubstep glitch hiphop electronic
format: 320kbps mp3

It is curious why Mochipet named his latest Mashup/Remix Album: “10 REASONS TO LOVE HATE LOVE HATE DUBSTEP” considering there are 16 tracks on this release and many of them are not even technically considered Dubstep, but what we do know is that it is a collection of hard hitting Remixes from our Godzilla like Beatsmith from the San Francisco Bay Area, some old, some new, some unreleased but all worth checking out. The remixes range from Hip-Hop to Hipster to straight up well.. Def Leppard! Mochipet makes these beats his bitch and you’ll be hard pressed to find one you don’t “Love” or “Hate” or is it a “Love Hate” relationship? Anyways, be sure to check out his rendition of AC/DC’s “Big Balls” and Devo’s Whipit! They will get your mind as well as booty moving in no time!

01. Who Da Boss (Featuring Slim Thug) 03:43
02. B.O.B. R U Ready? (Featuring Outkast and Calvertron) 03:42
03. Oh Just Another Bombtrack (Featuring Rage Against the Machine) 03:46
04. 420 Song (Featuring StylesP, Method Man, Red Man, Bob Marley and Freda Payne) 06:03
05. Stand up and Drop Bombs (Featuring Ludacris) 04:44
06. Shutterbug (Featuring Big Boi) 03:48
07. Dessert Search for Commodor64 (Featuring Mike Jones) 03:07
08. Pour Some Sugar on Me (Featuring Def Leppard) 04:59
09. Like a G6 (Featuring Far East Movement) 04:42
10. The Battle of Dinotroplois (Featuring Wiz Khalifa) 04:01
11. Get Em High (featuring Das Efx and Kanye West) 05:04
12. Big Balls (Featuring AC/DC) 04:22
13. I <3 You Sweatleaf (Featuring Black Sabbath) 04:42
14. Fourlokos Only (Featuring Hottub) 03:39
15. Whipits (Featuring Devo) 04:24
16. Thrillerstep (Featuring Michael Jackson) 04:28

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