Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kwala - Projectionss EP

Kwala - Projectionss EP

label: FreeForm Records
released: 14 December 2011
style: electronic instrumental ambient dubstep beats
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,....

FreeForm are now happy to bring you Kwala's new project: Projectionss EP. Six tracks of thick reverb, disembodies voices and scattered percussion that defies genre classification. Consider this the warm up to Kwala's full length LP, coming in 2012 on FreeForm Records.
Since releasing his debut beat tape "Dimensional Hymns" earlier this year Kwala has been gathering a loyal following amongst beat heads, thanks to his unique blend of post-dubstep rhythms, deep ambient textures and elements of found sound.

1. Introductionss 01:37
2. Tobias 03:34
3. Aquarius Machine Co. 02:37
4. Interlude (Fall Is Approaching) 01:54
5. Listening to a Flute in Yellow Crane Pavillion 01:38
6. Para Salin 02:53

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  1. So good, I love the atmosphere in these tracks. Thanks for the heads up, great find.