Friday, January 27, 2012

Fresh Hats Tight Beats - That's All We Need

Fresh Hats Tight Beats - That's All We Need

label: Winslow Family Productions
released: 10 January 2012
style: electronic downtempo afrobeat funk soul hiphop
format: 320kbps mp3

The electronic and hip hop production group, Fresh Hats Tight Beats, officially released their forth album entitled,That’s All We Need.
That’s All We Need explores more of the experimental, electronic, and organic mediums used by the group on previous releases. However, this release is a departure in a few ways. First, unlike the others, it is completely sample-free. Also, all three prior albums were released within just days of their conception through a process described by the group as “binging out.” This process is characterized by extensive, often times, gruelling writing and recording of the music and intense collaboration within a short period of time. Initially, the tracks for That’s All We Need were created the very same way- over a five day writing and recording binge. But after the binge, the group continued crafting the songs individually and in smaller groups for about a month and a half. More collaboration on the tracks came through file sharing over the Internet, a method not foreign to the quartet. “We’ve traded files over the Internet for much of The Biz albums with Matt and Zach in Tennessee, and it’s become a more common method to keep the collaboration going” says Phil Buck, member of FHTB and Denver based group, The Biz.

01. Crystal Dome Piece 03:53
02. In the Game 03:10
03. Playa del Playa 03:06
04. Cornbread 03:46
05. Time For Cake 03:04
06. Mind the Line 03:09
07. Deal with It 03:04
08. Must Be the Hat 02:58
09. Course Clear! 05:08
10. Sacre Bleu 03:20
11. Philosopher Kings 02:58

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