Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jahbitat - Harpy Lights The Canopy

Jahbitat - Harpy Lights The Canopy

label: Project:Mooncircle
released: 08 June 2007
style: electronic glitch hiphop wonky future bass
format: 320kbps mp3. FLAC,....

Jahbitat is the audio project of Simon Williams, who moved around Latin America as a young child but eventually ended up growing up in the valley located on the Venezuelan coastal range. This massive urban jungle known as Caracas, is surrounded by every aspect of nature (sky, mountain, jungle, ocean, etc..) and creatures both big and small. This fusion of man-made technology meets complete wildlife is what can be found at the core of the Jahbitat electronic yet highly organic sounds. Guitar drones, syncopated drums and sometimes even vocals accompany an arrange of tones that get trapped in an electronic forest of knobs, effects and machines. Simon’s has now transplanted his melodic sound and abstract beats into his surroundings of Barcelona.

01. Durazno 04:38
02. Ghost Without A Name (featuring Stres from Antennae) 03:00
03. Flight (Jahbitat Mashup) 05:30
04. Osoconfuco 05:14
05. Demons Go All Out 05:37
06. Shutterspeed 04:30
07. The Scent of Sight 04:48
08. Where Echoes Shine 01:18
09. Quietly 02:14
10. Loveseeds 03:13
11. Harpia 03:11

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  1. This was the early days of P:M, such an amazing label.