Friday, January 27, 2012

Carla “C Sharp” Gomez - My Jazz

Carla “C Sharp” Gomez - My Jazz

label: BamaLoveSoul
released: January 19, 2012
style: soul jazz hiphop nujazz
format: 192kbps mp3

Carla is an artist that I was told to check out by an artist that I booked for a show once. She actually had a solo performance set in that show and completely ripped the place down.
My Jazz album which is truly jazzy and contains a really organic feel, mainly because of the live instrumentation, that puts you in the mind of the highly missed Fertile Ground.

01. Non-Toxid Edit 01:40
02. Reprise 07:40
03. Footprints 06:46
04. Ancestral Dreams 05:19
05. Wonderful 06:20
06. Chulo (live) 05:52
07. Mega Milli (live) 06:25
08. Indigo 04:13
09. Blue Dub 04:25
10. Magnolia Blossoms 06:17
11. The Beauty 05:00
12. Orunmila Hlring 05:29

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  1. Slick, I love this style of jazz. Thanks for the heads up kom.