Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Bins - Inspiration

The Bins - Inspiration

label: 1320Records
released: 27 October 2011
style: electronic hiphop experimental triphop
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,....

The Bins and Sole breathe endless possibilities into their Inspiration EP. It starts off with the single of the same name where Sole’s stream of consciousness style rapping is complimented by a similar stream of consciousness sounding combination of sampled beats. The Bins samples everything from jazzy piano riffs to heavenly strings to East Asian sitars, and what sounds like a cacophony of a selection actually comes together into a harmonious meditation on inspiration. Sole’s rhymes ride these beats like waves and his ideas surf along them as he raps for the 99%, the downtrodden, and those who need the inspiration to have the courage to “do what you love.”

1. Inspiration (Feat. Sole) 04:43
2. Inspiration (Feat. Sole) (Deader Remix) 03:50
3. Inspiration (Feat. Sole) (Mochipet's Wormhole Generator Remix) 03:39
4. Inspiration (Feat. Sole) (Danny Spiteri Remix) 05:28
5. Inspiration (Feat. Sole) (The Great Mundane Readmix) 04:32
6. Inspiration (Feat. Sole) (Gruvee Musijian Remix) 03:40

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