Friday, July 8, 2011

Spectateur – Amensalisme EP

Spectateur – Amensalisme EP

label: Fresh Poulp Records
released: 04.07.11
style: electronic idm dubstep abstract hiphop
format: 320kbps mp3

pieR, producer of two albums on Fresh Poulp (Audiobiographie and Transitions (s)), and an ep with Hugo (Hugo pieR), changed his name and back to his original nickname, Spectateur. After a first release under this name earlier this year on Musica Vermella, Spectateur offers with this Amensalism ep, few remixes of artists, including Fresh Poulp artists as Rafiralfiro and Pix but also other producers such as Tramb, Mr n’Fake and D-Drone, who had participated in our compilation Octopus 3 in 2009. Between Electronica and Abstract Hip-Hop, once again, Spectateur is able to affect anyone by the quality of his melodies and his Post-Rock soundscapes.

1. 8 beats to 8 love rmx (original by Mr n’fake) 4:03
2. Istambul engloutie rmx (original by Rafiralfiro) 4:15
3. To begin again rmx (original by Pix) 4:13
4. Yvonne rmx (original by Tramb) 3:57
5. L cousant lui fumant rmx (original by D-Drone) 5:09

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