Monday, July 25, 2011

Skytree - The Dagda EP

Skytree - The Dagda EP

label: Earstroke Records
released: 03-01-2005
style: electronic downtempo instrumental idm beats
format: 192kbps mp3

Swirling pads, driving acoustic guitar, tightly knit beats, and layered vocals constructs Skytree's beautifully woven Dagda EP. This piece features a wide variety of sounds from guitar, digeridoos and soaring vocals from Choric Lumina. The fusion between acoustic instruments and synths is seemless and refreshing. the tribal sound of Dagda is sure to satisfy.

1. 1000 Miles From Everywhere
2. Choric Lumina
3. Stranger In a Strange Land
4. Sauntrai

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