Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fakear - Pictural EP

Fakear - Pictural EP

label: Digital Pit
released: 2011-06-21
style: downtempo instrumental beats electronic triphop
format: 320kbps mp3

Pictorial EP is an album based on sampling, atmosphere, sounds, which I use some VST. It's a project I sweated blood and water that has made the face that I wanted. In the end, the atmosphere is more intimate, but the songs are more ambitious than my previous demos ("Falls"). It is also a melting pot of all genres that I like because it goes from Offbeat ("Recreation") and Trip-hop lourd ("Picture of the Middle East") and if the result is not especially homogeneous , it is surprising to each song, what I wanted.

1.Beach Volley (2:28)
2.Memories (2:31)
3.Recreation (3:07)
4.Picture of Middle East (2:50)
5.Wanna be a cat (2:28)
6.Falls (5:01)
7.Synopsis(bonus) (2:12)

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