Sunday, July 31, 2011

The New Law - High Noon

The New Law - High Noon

label: The New Law
released: 23 May 2009
style: triphop hiphop beats downtempo instrumental electronic
format: 320kbps mp3

An epic journey of deep, chest-pounding hip hop and broken beats layered with hypnotic soundscapes and mind-warping synths that create a beautiful balance of dirt and space.
The group comprises Adam Straney and Justin Neff, who met during college while working at a movie theater. Adam began his musical career playing guitar, bass guitar and drums in punk bands throughout his youth. In college he discovered a new love for Drum ‘n’ Bass music, which soon led to DJing and producing. Justin has played the piano and saxophone in jazz, funk and rock bands since childhood. For more than half a decade, The New Law has combined these influences and backgrounds which have resulted in the deep, hypnotic, instrumental mind-warping music that has become its signature sound.

01. Sundown 04:13
02. Seattle Lights 02:31
03. Vaya Con Dios 03:13
04. Ghost Town Strut 06:41
05. Hell's Gates 03:11
06. Showdown - Fanu Remix (Featuring Lokeye and Michael Harris) 05:47
07. Somebody's Out There 03:11
08. An Old Acquaintance 03:04
09. The Trail 02:30
10. Fiery Sky 05:24
11. Time Stands Still 02:33
12. Don't Wake Up 01:08
13. Say Goodbye 02:24
14. Corrupt Shadows 04:20
15. Barrels of Bourbon 03:56
16. Suicide Doors 01:25
17. Cabin Fever 03:22
18. As The Waves Crash Against the Rocks 06:07
19. Blue Horizon 08:00

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