Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dubsalon - Durban Chamber LP

Dubsalon - Durban Chamber LP

label: iD.EOLOGY
released: July 2011
style: dub experimental electronic
format: 320kbps mp3

On his iD.EOLOGY debut, the "Durban Chamber" LP, Dubsalon pays his very own tribute to the echo and infuses his rich and juicy psy-dub beats with elements from dubstep, funk, electronica, hiphop, downbeat and lounge. Shimmering with slick production, his tracks oscillate inbetween full-on and far-out, turning an abundance of musical detail into an equally relaxed, rousing and reality-bending overall listening experience.

01. In a Dream
02. Shifting Mood
03. Green Dub
04. Twisted Dub
05. Sound Clash
06. Awka
07. 4 am
08. From the Sea

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