Friday, July 22, 2011

Kodac aka M80 - "Blessed By A Broken Heart" (An Experience) EP

Kodac aka M80 - "Blessed By A Broken Heart" (An Experience) EP

label: self-released
released: 01 March 2011
style: hiphop soul funk beats
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC,....

"Blessed By A Broken Heart" (An Experience) is a story of having your heart broken. Whether it was a relationship, a job, or a situation that didnt work out like you wanted it to. We all have been "Blessed" a broken heart. The truth of the matter is, love is acted out in many ways, and in many ways confused for the lust of life. The struggle of an artist to find a Love worth Loving, and the journey to keep it, requires a very delicate balance that very few are able to obtain. So whether you put in long hours at the studio, the office, the job, or the library, to have and hold a relationship takes time, effort, communication, and comprimise. Told from the view point of a modern day aspiring artist in a struggling urban community, the intensity, and passion in music provides a genuine honesty that most artist find hard to obtain.
Kodac aka M80

1. Living To Struggle feat. Blue Raspberry & KB (prod. ZO!) 02:55
2. Blessed By A Broken Heart (Prod. by Ubadah McConner (UB)) 02:43
3. Hopeless Romantic ft. Magestik Legend & Soul Deacon (prod. Nick Speed) 02:40
4. They Don't Know Me (prod. JC) 03:28

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