Saturday, July 16, 2011

Gramatik - Beatz & Pieces Vol.1

Gramatik - Beatz & Pieces Vol.1

label: Pretty Lights Music
released: July 12th 2011
style: hiphop beats electronic
format: 320kbps mp3

Gramatik's Beatz & Pieces Vol. 1 is his first release on Pretty Lights Music and builds on the amazing momentum created from his last release No Shortcuts and the Street Bangerz mix-tape series. Gramatik explains, "The Beatz & Pieces series comes as a successor to the popular Street Bangerz series which was my first work as a producer. I never really considered these volumes to be albums. I always looked at them as hip-hop beats on steroids. They are still raw, sample based beats, but with evolved arrangements and wrapped in a fine layer of live instrumentation. And the reason I started adding live instruments is because I felt that classic hip-hop beats without vocals lose me after two minutes. I want to keep the listener through the whole track!"

01 DreamBIG
02 On The Boardwalk
03 While I Was Playin' Fair
04 So Much For Love
05 Good Evening Mr. Hitchcock
06 Skylight
07 Like You Do
08 Portorose In July
09 Somebody
10 Break Loose
11 The Drink Is Called Rakija
12 Make You Better
13 Is It Over
14 Happiness On A Leash
15 Moar Jive
16 Friday
17 The Monolith

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