Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wasaru - Imperceptible memories

Wasaru - Imperceptible memories

label:, on Jamendo
released: September 24, 2010
style: triphop downtempo instrumental
format: 192kbps mp3

Imperceptible memories is the 4th album of Wasaru.
Artists and musicians that does not need to bullshit or flower something up. Just plain, real down to earth, exceptional meaningful music. And vocals that are heartfelt, passionate, realistic and deep hypnotic and graceful charismatic and filled with drama and excitement and real life feelings and hopes and dreams. That come across as the singers and lyrics take hold and paint a tapestry of images within your heart and soul. And cut like a knife and embed their and lay their and take shape and mound you as you listen and feel each song. Articulately expressed and performed just for you to cherish and grow wise from. Life is a poem..That sometimes grows and develops as each and every words forms and resonates inside you and around you. As does this whole album does..


1 When I'm a boy (feat. [mUE]) 3:32
2 Past mirror 3:28
3 I let go (feat. Graciellita) 3:06
4 Far beyond the trees 3:46
5 Body of dust (feat. The dada weatherman) 3:18
6 Low hydrogenic converter 1:30
7 Recall (feat. [mUE]) 3:27
8 Animal rights (feat. Ak-blanc) 4:03
9 Cold story (feat. Screenatorium) 4:12
10 Sugar seas (feat. Julie) 3:57
11 All these childs 2:42
12 Our memories 3:28

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