Sunday, October 10, 2010

DJ Racy A.J - R.A.J. LP

DJ Racy A.J - R.A.J. LP

label: Dusted Wax Kingdom
released: 06-Oct-2010
style: trip-hop abstract hip-hop big beat cinematic
format: 320kbps mp3

From the forgotten underground outskirts of Kiev here comes the second album by DJ Racy A.J. You can't go wrong with his specific melanchonic cinematic ambience and tough trippy beats inspired by DJ Krush and Amon Tobin! Pure music art with a powerful expressive effect!

1. Intro
2. Initial
3. Conscious Mind (Background Radiation Mix)
4. Fallen (Drugs Habit Mix)
5. Assemblage Point
6. Code 261986
7. Blind Road
8. Interruption
9. Lost Spirit (Unsociable Mix)
10. Escharotic (Inequality Mix)
11. Transmutation
12. Henshin (Dare Mix)
13. Moan of Moon
14. Third Look
15. BlackDamp
16. Encryption
17. Miotic (Hell's Hundred Acres)
18. Stones
19. Outro

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