Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Global Goon - Earwhig

Global Goon - Earwhig

label: Myuzyk
released: 2010
style: electronic acid idm
format: 320kbps mp3, FLAC

According to his press bio, Global Goon’s Johnny Hawk is a former shepherd from Liverpool who earned a recording contract after moving to London and rooming with Richard D. James (aka Aphex Twin) for a time. Hawk had worked in the capital for a multimedia company while making music on the side; after moving into a shared house with James, he released his first album Goon on Rephlex in 1996. Rumors that Goon actually was Aphex Twin persisted even after the release of Cradle of History 4 years later.

Selected from an archive of music made over the past two years, the Earwhig album is the first collection of tracks from Johnny Hawk since 2008. Varying tempo and mood is attended to with Goon stylings that fans will be familiar with from previous releases, also there are new ideas explored. Experiments in downtempo and cut n paste sway alongside disco, house and acid. Varied and distinctly the work of one man, Earwhig is fun but also spiky, loose and at the same time well sprung.

01 Septagonaloblonged
02 Clatterly
03 Pcziiki
04 Vocallons
05 Fewdsq
06 Suptintoptinkl
07 Bruuuk
08 Qwala Nut
09 Mulcheddar

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