Sunday, October 17, 2010

Peacespeakers - Message From Planet Earth

Peacespeakers - Message From Planet Earth

label: LoopJazz / Sojuz Records
released: 2006
style: downtempo nujazz chillout
format: 192kbps mp3

Peacespeakers is an electronic instrumental project of three hungarian guys (two of them living in Budapest, the third in the Big Apple) to discover the rest between sounds. Message From Planet Earth is a soundtrack for a film that non exists, but you have the chance to realise it deep in your mind…

01 We Are All Alone In The Universe
02 Nobody Can Help Us
03 To Find Our Freedom
04 It’s Only Rest In Our Dreams
05 We Fly Above
06 Deep Green Sea
07 That Called Life
08 So Don’t Mind The Lost Moments
09 It’s All The Same
10 In The End

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