Tuesday, October 12, 2010

EMEFE - Music Frees All

EMEFE - Music Frees All

label: on Bancamp
released: 17 September 2010
style: afrobeat funk jazz groove

EMEFE stands for Music Frees All. Music has the power to resonate inside of us, flowing through every thought, every fear, every memory and every worry. Our minds create rules and authorities that drive us in every moment. Let songs, like the ones on this CD, free your self from those rules. Let yourself dance!

1. Jump and Stomp 04:54
2. Free Your Self 04:24
3. The War and Consequence 05:52
4. The Night 04:49
5. 221 Groove 05:07
6. Sumo 06:02
7. Sneaky 06:26
8. Oh, That's What It Is 04:21

<a href="http://emefe.bandcamp.com/album/music-frees-all">Music Frees All by EMEFE</a>
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